Our 2nd Month: Finding Rare Gems

19 February, 2018

Our 2nd Month: Finding Rare Gems

It’s a special thing to come across truly rare and unique products that demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship & skill in their respective disciplines.  It’s an even more special thing to find several of these in one week!

It is with great pleasure therefore that I share with you three of the finest examples of craft that we have encountered:


Hargreaves Hill – The Phoenix

Imperial Red Ale

The 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires were a tragedy that struck the Victorian community at its core.  In those fires Hargreaves Hill’s original Steels Creek brewery was destroyed.  With amazing strength and tenacity, the team forged ahead and opened in a new brewery near Lilydale.  To pay tribute to this rebirth ‘The Phoenix’ is released each year in a strictly limited quantity of 500 units.  Made with a complex malt & hop character this Imperial Red Ale will develop increased depth and character with several years of cellaring.  We feel extremely privileged to have six bottles available in store.


Delord Frères Vieil Armagnac – Récolte 1968

Like nectar from the Gods, this 50 year old Armagnac from Delord pours like a river of silk.  With a texture as soft as butter this 2017 bottling displays all the hallmarks of the finest Armagnacs available.  Bright fruit notes of peach, violet, and lime, give way to the warming depths of plums, toasted nuts, vanilla and pepper spices.  A near perfect expression from this Armagnac house that was established in 1893.


Sasakonawa ‘963’ 21yo Japanese Whisky

Sasanokawa Shuzo (Bamboo-River Brewing) having produced Sochu and Sake since 1710, started whisky production in 1946 at Yamazakura distillery in Koriyama city—the distillery was mothballed in 1998. At the same time the Akuto family sold their whisky stocks from their Hanyu distillery to Sasanokawa in 2000 who stored this whisky in their barrelhouse with their own ageing stock. Ichiro Akuto bought back most of this stock to release as the first Ichiro’s malt – the now infamous card series.

‘963’ - named after the postcode in Koriyama city, is a new release from one of Japan’s oldest distilleries, a blend of old Yamazakura and Hanyu whiskies.  With a portion of the grains for this whisky coming from Fukushima we can safely say there will never be another one like it produced for millennia.  As only a handful of bottles have made it to Australia we are delighted to offer this connoisseur’s whisky at a price that is a fraction its cousins from Hibiki and Nikka would command.

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