Anther Spirits

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Anther Experimental Distillation was started by Dervilla McGowan and Sebastian Reaburn (co-distillers) and was born out of curiosity and a love of hand made craft spirits.  Anther is constantly looking to experiment and collaborate so they can develop great new distillates. Every bottle of Anther spirit is hand made on the very beautiful Carl still.

Derv left bartending to become a Scientist and holds a PhD in Microbiology. She has returned to the liquor industry to make amazing spirits using the scientific method and eventually to try her hand at the fermentation end of distillation. Experimentation and collaboration are at the heart of her process.

Seb has spent his entire working life in the liquor industry. He has condensed all his skills to become the the house distiller at The Craft & Co, where he runs experimental distillations and collaborations.  The temptation to make his own Gin was irresistible.

Anther is proud to be making craft distillates in collaboration with The Craft & Co., 390 Smith St, Collingwood.

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