ArteNOM Seleccion '1549' Blanco Tequila

Selección de 1549 Blanco Orgánico: This valley-agave selection (elev. 1280m) comes from El Arenal, where Ramón Sandoval carefully distills this delicious un-aged tequila from certified-organic agave. The valley growing conditions lend this spirit a distinctive herbaceous flavor with warm aromatics, and a fresh, vegetal bouquet with intriguing notes of cacao and subtle spice.

Tequila ArteNOM presents aficionados with the personal selections of artisan Tequila distillers. These distinctive, limited release Selecciones are carefully chosen to reflect the best of Tequila craftsmanship by highlighting Agave altitude, soil, harvest and unique distillation technique. We invite you to savor these personal distillers' selections and celebrate their art of distinction, the Art of their NOM. No two ArteNOM Selecciones will ever be the same.

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