Bordiga Vermouth Extra Dry

Production of Bordiga vermouths takes between 40-45 days, using local Piemontese wine and real sugar. Each botanical is infused individually, giving greater control over flavour profile. Once the infusion process is finished, the infusions are blended with the wine and the real sugar. This is followed by the first natural filtering by freezing the vermouth for some days. After bottling, the product is left to rest in the cellar at a constant temperature of about 10 degrees for at least 15 to 28 days before being ready for consumption. Filtration? Only with natural processes and with the use of natural paper filters. 

Because of their ties to heritage and tradition, Bordiga vermouths carry the hallmark ‘Superiore’.

In the Vermouth Extra Dry the historic recipe (Vermouth Amaro Secco) provides the use of quality Langhe white wine from the Langhe wine area, a small percentage of Moscato wine is also used.

Alcohol: 18%

Sugar: 3,5%

Selection of herbs: Absinthe, Lime, Coriander, Maggioran, Fennel, Gentile Absinth, China Calissaia, Cardamon, Quassia, Vanilla Bourbon of Madagascar, Carnation berries, Gentian root, Sage, Citrus peel

Appearance: Gentle straw yellow

Flavor: Strong taste, particularly vinous, from balanced acidity, with long evolution from the initial sweet to the typical bitter dry 

Fragrance: Pleasantly intense scent of spicy wine and slightly floral

Use: Perfect pure on the rocks, delicious with some tonic water and great ingredient in all your vermouth based cocktails

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