Dancing Sands Distillery

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Ben and his wife and business partner, Sarah, run the business from Golden Bay and Wellington, New Zealand. Together, Ben and Sarah are close to ying and yang. Where Ben is creative and a bit footloose, Sarah is disciplined and cautious. Their working styles are different enough to complement each other and keep the balance. They have a passion for gin and fell in love over gin martinis with blue cheese olives.

"In everything we do, we focus on purity. We believe that nature has gifted New Zealand as one of the last remaining pure places on the planet. Our goal is to honour the gift bestowed upon us by using the finest ingredients to create high quality, premium, craft products for you to enjoy. Our story begins with our aquifer which feeds Pupu Springs, the clearest spring water in the world with under water visibility of 63 metres. The purity of our water sets the standard for every ingredient, every decision we make. Does it meet the 63m standard?"


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