Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin 2018

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With Shiraz grapes from the regions surrounding the distillery making up the signature ingredient of this gin it is therefore no surprise that - just as in wine - each season/vintage will produce its own unique characteristics.

The 2018 vintage was quite challenging until the end of December (hot, wet, humid), and then from January on it was amazing. Really stable conditions with minimal rain and no extreme heat waves meant we got a fantastic ripening period. We picked some fruit early to get those bright raspberry flavours, and some late for more plum and dark cherry.

That means we’ve ended up with the best of both worlds in this year’s Bloody Shiraz Gin. The gin has great depth of colour and is much darker than last year, but not as dark as 2016, carrying really beautiful purples and reds to
bottle. Flavour-wise it’s showing dark fruit, red berry and spice. There is also plenty of that classic Yarra Shiraz white pepper. And of course, a lovely ginny character carries those grape aromas, making it unmistakably gin.

Bloody Shiraz Gin is unfiltered and will develop secondary fruit characters beyond two years (it’s best consumed within two years of vintage). Enjoy it over ice with a slice of fresh orange or add a splash of soda or good tonic water for a longer drink.

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