Mezcal Vago Tobala 700mL

A complex, delicate mezcal made from one of Mexico's most revered agarve strains - Tobala.

Tobala grows primarily in the higher altitute and cooler climates of Mexico and is prized for its scarcity. It has quite a delicate flavour that in this case is quite earthy, with pine and spice notes. A real sipper that will show its full bag of tricks over time.

Mezcal's freedom to use a wide range of agave varieties (as opposed to tequila's restriction to the blue agave plant) is one of the biggest appeals of the spirit and this Tobala-distilled expression is a liquid celebration of that.

This expression from Vago was stone ground and distilled in a copper pot in September 2016. Bottled un-aged at cask strength, 52.3%.

This was distilled from 100 percent Tobala by Emigio Jarquin Ramirez at El Nanche, Miahuatian in Oaxaca.

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