MNC: Agave Especial Tequila & Mezcal - 24/9 & 22/10

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Join us for 2 very special sessions focusing on Tequila & Mezcal, led by Australia's "Don" of all things agave, and Official Ambassador to Mezcal, Phil Bayly.

The first session on Monday 24th September will focus on Tequila

The second session on Monday 22nd October will focus on Mezcal.

Each session - limited to 35 attendees only - will be an intimate, interactive exploration of the spirit, history, people, places, techniques and stories.  

These are opportunities not to be missed.  In each session you will have the opportunity to taste 6 of the best examples of the spirit available.  

We are sure you will leave these sessions having 'undone' some of the bad experiences from the past, will have a broad understanding of different styles, regions and processes and what best suits your individual taste preferences.  And hopefully you will leave with a new-found passion and curiousity for the wonderful world of agave spirits (trust us Phil's passion is infectious!)

Tickets to an individual session are $45, however we are offering a great discounted price for both sessions of only $75!

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