Never Never Juniper Freak Gin 500mL

The Juniper Freak is a celebration of Juniper. It's an oiled-up beast of a gin. Embracing their love of juniper Never Never maxed it out in this wonderfully intense, aromatic, flavoursome gin.

At 58% ABV, the juniper leaps from the bottle, fills the nostrils and tingles the lips. It's a seriously big gin, but hey, they're not here to f**k spiders.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fragrant pine and earthy angelica with a touch of pepper berry spice.
Palate: Rich and luxurious. Juniper is the focus, drawing you in to the back palate.
Finish: Incredibly long, with resinous juniper oils coating the palate and pepper berry developing late. As a navy strength gin the full flavour creates bold cocktails and gin and tonics.

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