Ricca Terra 'Colour Of Calmness' Rose

Don't let the mix of grapes frighten you away from enjoying this infinitely drinkable drop! Aromas of just-ripe red fruit combine with a pinch of citrus and spice surrounded by a supple body and clean, dry finish.

Pour yourself a glass and feel your troubles melt away!

Varietal Mix

Mediterranean red grape varietal blend Ros (Negroamaro, Nero d Avola & Tempranillo).

The Blend

The red grapes used to make this ros wine are perfect for wine quality, but they also thrive in Australia s warm Mediterranean climate. All the grape varieties selected for the Colour of Calmness can be co-fermented to increase the complexity of the wine.

The Story

After spending time working as a viticulturist in Southern Italy, Ricca Terra Farms Ashley Ratcliff, fell in love with the locally produced pale red wines and how they enchanted the villagers that consumed them in iced filled tumblers under the summer sun. This moment in time brought an apparent calmness to a busy vintage.

The creation of ros wine was never an afterthought for the Southern Italian winemakers with whom Ashley spent time. The careful selection of grape varieties that imposed flavour and natural acidity into a wine was paramount.

Ashley has selected and planted a number of Mediterranean grape varieties at Ricca Terra Farms that produce amazing ros wines, in particular Negroamaro, Nero d Avola & Tempranillo.

Type: Rose Wine

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